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Phoenix Standard Scooter Deck Phoenix Integrated Session Deck
Phoenix scooter decks have always been a symbol of quality and strength. Phoenix Pro Scooters brings you the best quality, highest performing products on the market. Dedicated to leading the market, Phoenix compromises nowhere and excels where others drop the ball. Phoenix Integrated Session Deck
LUCKY SMX Fork for Scooters AO Epsilon HIC Scooter FORK
Designed with inspiration from the BMX industry fork, Lucky SMX forks are the most popular, best-performing forks on the market, period. The SMX is the fork of choice of the sport’s best riders in the world on many different Pro Teams. This lightweight, super strong 7" fork is forged from a block of aluminum under 5 tons of pressure. This process re-aligns the molecules and makes it so dense that it is 2.5 times stronger than regular machined aluminum. One of our best value fork, super strong, light weight and comes with an AO HIC compression system included.
Phoenix Integrated Reventon V2 Deck Phoenix CLASSIC Phorx Scooter Fork
Phoenix Integrated Reventon V2 Deck Phoenix are known for making some of the strongest and best looking scooter parts available on the market, here is a fine example, the Phorx. These forks are designed for use with SCS and HIC only as they have an internal thread inside the top of the fork (these will NOT work with ICS).