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District AL-2 V3 Curve Scooter Bars Large AO Integrated Headset Sealed Bearings
New from District, these AL-2 V3 bars will pimp out your scooter big time, offering more strength, while maintaining lightness. An obvious choice when upgrading your bars.

AO Integrated Headset With Sealed Bearings
Sealed Integrated Bearings Headset 1 1/8" Kit
• Bearing type: Sealed
• Fits with: Integrated decks
• Compatible with: Threadless forks
• Crown raise • Aluminum C-ring
Phoenix Reventon Integrated Deck For Scooters District Deck DK1 V3 Standard
Extra wide and flat bottom surface for better grinding. 6 degrees of concave for best traction and control. The ultra high strength downtube has a winged front surface, the widest of any scooter, to give riders better grip when doing nose tricks. District V3 deck is one of the lightest 4.3 inch decks on the market today. The District V3 deck comes complete with brake, rear axle, and wheel spacers. So versatile, this V3 deck is recommended for beginner, intermediate or pro riders. A revolutionalry design and concept. This is the lightest PRO deck available. Well balanced, light weight, great price and quality is what this deck is all about. Includes brake, axles, and spacers.

AO Epsilon HIC Scooter FORK Phoenix Integrated Session Deck
This lightweight, super strong 7" fork is forged from a block of aluminum under 5 tons of pressure. This process re-aligns the molecules and makes it so dense that it is 2.5 times stronger than regular machined aluminum. One of our best value fork, super strong, light weight and comes with an AO HIC compression system included. Phoenix Integrated Session Deck